Elevva, Argentina That Seeks To Revolutionize E – Commerce (Already in Chile, Colombia and Mexico)

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11, May 2022

Elevva It started offering its services in August 2021, it currently has 55 employees, 38 of whom are based in Argentina. However, they have multiple open searches within Argentina and in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Elevva it is the bridge between companies and the next level that we believe they can achieve. With access to technology tools we transform the business into a much more efficient business. One of my main tasks is to implement tools that allow the business to scale the technology and apply it to processes that are currently 100% manual. Our goal i Elevva that is to recreate business, and above all, create a vendor ecosystem in synergy. Giving companies the opportunity to start a new chapter in their stories, “he said Lucas GrúlaCTO de Elevva

Grúla He studied systems engineering at the National University of Technology and has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of IT and corporate finance. Prior to that, he worked as a Product Development Manager at Bank, the largest digital bank in Argentina, led the technology team, with a focus on project supervision and portfolio management. Prior to joining the fintech world, he already had experience in e-commerce, with the role of Project Leader in the technology team of Mercado Free.

In his new role within ElevvaLucas Grúla We will be at the forefront of the technology roadmap: “We know we differentiate in technology. For this reason, we are assembling a great technology team and using the most innovative tools on the market. I appreciate the possibility of making a choice with someone to share my daily life, discuss ideas, and build on what may be insurmountable at first glance ”; the CTO added.

InfoBusiness: What are Elevva’s short-term and long-term goals?
Lucas Grúla: In the long run, our project is based on creating a conglomerate of LatAm digital brands, giving users access to the best products on offer and helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. The idea of ​​forming this conglomerate is to offer large – scale benefits to all those entrepreneurs and business owners who want to interact with us. They will then have access to all the information and tools we offer as ecommerce professionals, but also to all that the rest of the related companies offer. In this way, whoever wants to get involved Elevva You will have all the know-how you can to scale your business, grow steadily and transcend the boundaries of the region.

IN: Who can be partners?
LG: “In the short term, we try to continue to associate ourselves with all those companies who want to be part of it, while meeting certain suitability criteria. Elevva in Latin America. Day by day we continue to grow and look for the best alternatives to overcome the key shortcomings of the Latin American e-commerce market, looking for solutions to promote the growth of all those companies associated with us. Today, on average, we try to ensure that the companies we partner with are billed twice in 12 months’ time and that we achieve profitability growth through the efficiency of their operations and processes.
On the other hand, to complement the ecosystem, today we are also developing our own brands, including: Anchora brand that sells products designed and designed for the home, Hold onoffering technology products and tools, and Kidoua brand that sells products for babies and children ”.

IN: How do you want to revitalize the eCommerce industry in LatAm?
LG: “We try to revolutionize e – commerce with a completely disruptive and innovative business model. Through the brand conglomerate, the idea is to create synergy between all interested companies to join or associate themselves with the great team. Together, the idea is to collaborate with new ideas, and we will be there to provide you with all our knowledge of technology, e – commerce and a team of world – class professionals available to you ”.

“Our proposal is to help promote the brands and products of all those companies that want to associate.”

IN: How do they do it?
LG: With available capital for expansion, excellent investor support, experience in ecommerce brand operations and know – how in product regionalization. In addition, we strive to customize the experience for each vendor. We form alliances and develop a unique and exclusive long-term plan with each of the companies who want to be part of our community. ” they explained to us from Elevva.

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